Eztia Vaux

A curious mind that never rests. The main life goal of Eztia is knowing a little bit of everything, especialy about other people. That interest spiked her curiosity about "mind studies" and ever since she was been making various reserch about that theme. It was that passion and her wish to help others that made her create Sleepy Dragon.

(languages: english, portuguese)

Navyan Grayglow

A proud maelstrom of Limsa, cheerful and driven by an insatiable curiosity about the world.
He taked advantage of his culinarian skills to start to work as chef in some venues, till he met Eztia.
When she asked him an help for a new project he really could not refuse.
At the Sleeping Dragon he still looking for new tales to hear and share, always wearing his best smile.

(languages: english, italian)

Yachiru Sakuraneko

Yachiru fell in love with the coziness of the Sleepy Dragon at first sight. Now promoted to staff, she tries her best to help Eztia and Navy maintaining the venue for others to enjoy as well. Her favourite subject is tea, so feel free to ask for the weekly special blend.

(languages: english, german)